Dear new subscribers, ASIO agents, WA Labor staffers and lurkers,

This article is getting a huge amount of traffic - far more than any of my previous articles. However, I believe that this article is actually far more important: https://vicparkpetition.substack.com/p/australias-gain-of-function-research

The Australian government, via the NHMRC and CSIRO is conducting dual-use gain-of-function research in Level 4 facilities in Australia. Vaccines are exempt from controls. You need to understand that this is the same type of research that Fauci said, in front of US Senate testimony that "he never did." Australia was conducting this research the whole time. Australia is making lethal viruses and bacteria even more transmissible and lethal. https://www.nhmrc.gov.au/sites/default/files/2022-04/NHMRC-Gain-of-Function-Research-Review-Report-March-2022.pdf

Western Australia just "lost" a radioactive particle - it bounced off the back of a mining vehicle onto a public road. You expect us to believe that accidents (or malicious intent) won't happen at these facilities?

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Ah, thanks. Then to be specific & accurate, I asked this doc, a great guy, for a number of tests as I was in Sydney, totally anti the synthetic mRNA.

I'd been to another gp a few days earlier, I'd sliced my hand open, got stitches & a tetanus shot & then totally freaked out as I became CONVINCED that he'd slipped me the vax, he was scarily pro jab & kept pushing, pushing. He loaded the shot in the next room so my paranoia went ballistic.

In my defense; the entire Nation had turned against the Unjabbed, it was a psycho, paranoid time & if I had been jabbed, my revenge was going to be UGLY. I'm talking Medieval. Did I mention that the Fed has radicalised 5% of the population btw?

The point: the Fed Gov't is OWNED by Bigpharma, "They" do not want us armed with knowledge outside Their lieingfuck Narrative.

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My best mate. Murray. We were Youth Exchange students to Mexico 1979 for a year. A long time. I was best man at his wedding in 1998. We had an awful falling out at the very beginning if the Plandemic. Muz had 4 kids, shared custody of typical execs. I warned him & warned him about synthetic mRNA, about an untested, Emergency Authorisation Use Only Gene Altering "therapy", about the "re-definition" (ferfuksake) of the very words Vaccine, Immunity and INFORMED CONSENT.

He called me a tin foil hat guy, refused debate & ignored facts. A 40 year friendship imploded.

Then his youngest son, 17, ended up in ICU with myocarditis & a massive heart attack...after the second clotshot. "I told you so's" too painful for us to speak of. 6 months later, that son notices the shower is still running upstairs. Murray lay dead of a massive cardiac, been in the shower, dead for hours....

My 90 y.o. Dad, 3 clotshots (nobody listens) & ends in hospital WITH the bioweapon infection. 65 years of premium MBF & Dad hears the doc & nurse "send him home, he's old". He recovers, then a lightning fast Pancreatic C, dead in 8 weeks.


Excess Mortality UP. Births DOWN. Sterility will curse the next gen. I curse Them All. To Death.

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I know an PhD FRCP, a very experienced doctor and administrator in WA, who was once a dear friend, but who alighted on the shots as soon as possible, suspending all experience and intelligence in coerced fear and stupidity. I don't know whether he escaped unscathed and frankly, am less interested. The surprising irrationality he demonstrated seems beyond words.

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Watching the McGowan horror show during the lockdowns and jab roll-out was terrifying. Now the show continues with this 'review'. The results have already been decided no doubt. Will be following this with interest across the border here in South Australia.

' at least you can let them know how you feel as their ship sinks' . Bring it on!

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McGowan was hated even in other states. He is/was one of the worst dictators

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Yep, they look like leading questions to me. It is a pro "gov did the right thing" message all the way through.

Pro covideans will give them their desired feedback.

Anti's, like us, will be earmarked as cranks, and the responses thrown in the dust bin.

Remember, this mob approved sections in the Health Act that allowed arrest, restraint and forced injection of a vaccine. Never forget that.

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Thanks excess 🙏

I was strongly thinking of making a submission until I saw the terms of reference which are curated towards a managed outcome.

So now I’m gonna think on it a bit more.

Too many 🐍🐍🐍involved 🙂

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My list of PERSONAL family friends that’ve died/been seriously injured by the jab.

2 dead (42 & 50, ❤️attacks)

1 ❤️ attack survivor (26)

1 spent 2wks in hospital with ❤️issues right after jab (was told she would be fired if she didn’t have next shot! 29)

1 dead teacher, confirmed AZ death

1 pericarditis (59)

1 lymphoma cancer, brain aneurysm (55)

1 clots in lung (24)

1 tachycardia (50)

1 mini stroke (49)

1 extreme psoriasis (meds $10,000 yr)

My new neighbour told she’s unable to drive due to a brain haemorrhage diagnosed as due to AZ jab.

Another neighbour said his “wife is in bed with awful shingles down her face, in terrible pain.”

Link to the wanneroo special council meeting on you tube where many people speak about their lives being ruined by mandates and jab injuries.


Special electors meeting 16 March 2022 (can be searched if link doesn’t work)

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I'm American and have been following Australia. It is truely horrifying how it all went down. All I can maybe see is that the way the government is set up there allowed them to get a tight grip on the populations. There might be a social dynamic and fewer media outlets that helped convince people to buy into the fear and at the same time enjoy trashing people who wouldn't take the jabs. In contrast, the interesting thing about America is that our regional socioeconomic diversity made the difference. Highly educated populations loved taking the kill shots like zombies and shunned the unvax too sometimes. In some statistically lower educated states like Mississippi, last time I checked, under 60% had a jab. There was no amount of government or media fear that could turn the people there against one another on large scale. I was also easily able to leave very restrictive California during the plandemic and happily drive myself and my son all the way across the country and get an excellent job in Mississippi that had no jab or testing mandates. Australia needed to have more basic freedoms and enough people saying "no" to prevent the government manipulation and abuse and you just didn't have that apparently.

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Surprised by the denial setting in? NOT. World over. Just starting.

NZ, Ahern bailed out. Scotland, Sturgeon bailed out.

Don't worry. I'm sure the "Speed of Science" will soon have an injection for that denial symptom!

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I'll be making a submission that the deliberate withholding of the Chief Health Officer's written advice until after the vaccine mandates were revoked demonstrate the the Covid response and its public information were deliberately deceptive. We'll see how it goes.

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In the middle of the restrictions, I went with someone to a major hospital in Perth. While waiting to see them in emergency, I heard a guy at the counter say "It happened after the shot." (Not sure if he said first or second)

Later, while my friend was on a bed in the treatment room, there was a guy in there that the staff all had to wear full PPE to treat. I was sitting in a chair right next to his "cubicle" with just a curtain separating us. The bin outside his cubicle kept filling up with disposable PPE.

Eventually he was released and told he was positive and had to stay at home for two weeks. Before he left, I spoke to him briefly and left him with an information booklet I was giving out to interested people about all of this. I think that he was the guy I heard in the waiting room talking about having a shot!

Interesting that in the height of a "pandemic" in a major public hospital, with all the restrictions and precautions forced on us, that a "COVID positive" patient is allowed to actually mingle with others and not kept in an isolation room .

It really didn't bother me or my friend, as we honestly don't believe in fairy tales! 😂😂😂

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The government only advertised this inquiry 4 days before end of submissions (16th March) in the Worst Australian newspaper (page 16!). They also put out 1 tweet on the 9th, and of course hid the notice on their webpage. 😡

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Great article!

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Thank you for the nice write up and the "new to me" references.

In an honest justice system, the snipped info below would help convict the criminals pushing mRNA-based shots, but expect honest govt is rare in WA, just like it is elsewhere.


#2 = The evildoers have gone out of their way to keep data from being collected, wrt the covid debacle, that could rigorously prove their guilt. So, much energy is spent trying to prove their guilt with complex arguments that use this intentionally limited data. When it would be more straightforward to use already existing fundamental medical knowledge to prove that MDs pushing mRNA shots are guilty of criminal malpractice/incompetence.

{ That is, to indict the MD criminals involved in the covid genocide, efforts need to also be aimed at their gross violation of fundamental medical knowledge and ethics. }

Rationale = In the videos ref’d below, Dr Bhakdi MD clearly shows why MDs pushing the use of MRNA-based shots demonstrate that they are guilty of criminal malpractice and/or incompetence. Observations below by Dr Bhakdi are based on decades-old medical knowledge – from Nobel prizes, and related studies -- that is now captured in medical textbooks. No new evidence is needed to convict these criminals.

* Dr Bhakdi is the expert who advised the Thai royal family in this video ( https://video.twimg.com/amplify_video/1621009365561114624/vid/480x270/uETAElD8CLveln6e.mp4?tag=16 ) found in this “2nd Smartest Guy in the World” article ( https://www.2ndsmartestguyintheworld.com/p/the-narrative-is-collapsing-thailand )

* All mRNA-based shots, even ones without spike protein, are seriously harmful -- per Dr Bhakdi MD videos:

___* “All mRNA Vaccines will cause harm” ( https://rumble.com/v21ppz6-all-mrna-vaccines-will-cause-harm-prof.-dr.-bhakdi.html )

___* mRNA flaws are explained, in layperson terms, in this excerpt from CHD TV 2022.10.21 -- (00:45-29:00 of https://live.childrenshealthdefense.org/chd-tv/shows/friday-roundtable/worrying-developments-with-michael-palmer-m-d-sucharit-bhadki-m-d/ ), which also has much more on Bhakdi’s background and credentials.

* Some key takeaways from Bhakdi videos (after watching many times, am slow):

___* Antibodies, made by body in response to mRNA message in these jabs, never get to airway surfaces where they must be to prevent respiratory infection. (so, covid shots could never have prevented infection in the first place)

___* The mRNA in these jabs, cause the cells they infect to make foreign, non-self-proteins, which automatically finger these mRNA-infected cells for violent death by “complement” (killer system #2 of human immune system). (so all mRNA shots are dangerous)

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