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What happened in the months after December 2021? Is that data not available?

P.S. Yes, I see that the data is not available! I imagine the ABS is in a real bind. How can they possibly release further data when it looks like this? Methinks they will find an excuse to hide it.

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Great article and my dog just followed you on Twitter! (I am no longer on Twitter)

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August 19, 2022

source: https://twitter.com/SaiKate108/status/1560475341734305794


TREMORING WOMAN SPEAKING TO CAMERA: If I could say one thing to Mark McGowan* it would be, pull your head out of your a*s and do something about the health system because people like me with these injuries, we need this acknowledged and we need help. I have to wait until December to get an implant put in for my heart and to see a cardiologist. I have to wait 10 months to see a neurologist. And this is on the public health system. It's only a few months shorter on the private health. But I'm having a lot of trouble trying to get these specialists. And this is just in Perth. No one wants to know about this. No doctors want to help. Tried the F L triple C protocols,** tried some detoxing stuff that I found online. I have been doing some research, but so far I'm getting worse. If anyone in the media, independent media sees this, please share it because politicians need to know, this is what people are suffering with. There are people out there that are worse than me.



# # #


*Western Australia Premier.

**FLCC Protocols for Covid-19:


* * * * * * * *


August 19, 2022


TREMORING WOMAN SPEAKING TO CAMERA: I got these vaccines so that I could go to work, and basically what's happened since then is I've just gotten sicker and now I'm unable to work. So I've had nine hospitalizations now and every time I've gone to hospital they keep telling me that it's my anxiety and take my medication, or "you're just having a panic attack." I'm sorry sick of being gaslighted. My symptoms have been diagnosed with pericarditis. I've got heart palpitations which get really, really strong, and I've got valve problems where I have regurgitation in the valves. Now I never had a heart problem before this. And now it's like heart failure. It's not good. I've got to have a heart bug implanted soon. I'd heard no [inaudible], they've lost three referrals so far. I have like this constant pain that's always there, it's always sharp. It worsens when I get the palpitations. I've always got shortness of breath, like someone sitting on my chest. Now I haven't caught covid at all. So definitely not that.



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Maybe this could be of some use?


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covid relies on a fraudulent test or a test not fit for purpose, it can be dialed up to find more cases or alternatively dialed down to find less, the whole purpose of covid was to get the nanotech and whatever other poisons were in the shot into everyone's arm - numerous times.

i keep coming back to the basic fact that i don't think viruses exist

i received a great email this morning which i agree with

1. The work of Christine Massey and her colleagues demonstrates that more than 200 governments and institutions admit they do not have a sample of SARS-CoV-2 taken from a human host. People may claim this is based on a “language game,” though often, the top attorneys at the organizations are answering these Freedom of Information Law (FOIL/FOIA) requests.

The very institutions claiming there is a virus all say the same thing: they do not have a sample taken from a human host, and no record of anyone else obtaining a sample. This should end the discussion. You may listen to an in-depth interview with Ms. Massey on a recent edition of my program.

2. Because no SARS-CoV-2 virion particle has ever been isolated or sequenced, a false mode of ‘proof’ must be utilized. You can see from the methodology section of every single study in the scientific literature that metagenomics are used, which “builds” a theoretical notion of a “virus” using artificial intelligence with no original to match against. This model is constructed from sequences detected in random cellular debris containing material taken from monkeys. (The result is admitted to be an “in silico sequence,” a “contrived virus,” “synthetic nucleotide technology,” or a “mimicked clinical specimen,” among other names.)

Though claimed in the medical literature to be a “complete sequence,” no part of any theoretical metagenomic script has ever been shown to come from a virus, match a virus, or cause any disease.

3. The PCR technique used to “find the virus” in a patient is searching for fragments of the theoretical, in silico sequence (existing as computer code only), not “actual virus” taken directly from a human host. The PCR device as used for SARS-CoV-2 declares a “positive” at 37 to 45 amplification cycles in all jurisdictions I have seen. This is way past the absolute detection limit of one molecule fragment at cycle 35. The technique has been admitted by the CDC to repeatedly get 100% false positives and to have created multiple, nonexistent epidemics (see below).

4. The CDC, FDA, and the test’s manufacturers admit openly that the presence of claimed “viral specific RNA” allegedly detected by the PCR does not prove infection. What they don’t say is that the claimed RNA is not specific to anything, much less a virus. The origin of the RNA they are testing for is unknown and has never been shown to have any relationship to a virus. Yet PCR-positive is falsely called a “confirmed case” of infection. The claim is less logical than saying someone is confirmed to be a bank robber because they have a nickel in their pocket. At least there are nickels in banks.

The facts above are what we have learned in the three years since SARS-CoV-2 was claimed to exist by the Chinese government and the World Health Organization.


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