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I provide factual information about Australia and Australians. How we live, why so many of us are dying, and how we get justice. The mainstream media is not telling you this because they are profiting off your hysteria, fear and ignorance.

This stack is also a living, breathing entity: it changes over time. When I started, it was important to gather evidence (and it still is). However, people want to talk about the nature of evil, God and life. I am a Christian and you will see frequent references to the Old and New Testament throughout. There is only so much evidence we can gather.

At some point, the evidence points to spiritual warfare.

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ExcessDeathsAU is a publication about the issues affecting the lives of Australians. We show you what the media won't.



Why are so many people dying in Australia? Why is no one talking about it? Someone must be responsible and we want to know who.