Please see this post by Meryl Nass (highlighting an Editorial in The Lancet) about how the WHO "One Health" ideology will be used for "ecological equity." "Decolonisation" and "reducing human pressure on the environment." Sounds like depopulaton to me.


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Keen insights. Excellent work. Thank you.

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There are some who think the tide has turned.

That would be based on the idea a reversion to the old status quo would be possible. And it is based on words NOT deeds.

After poisoning ~5B people with a delayed action lethal injection, and after assembling elements of the digital prison from the 4th IR, there is no indication they are slackening off on their efforts to enslave or kill us all. CBDCs are probably months away. The WHO takeover is imminent. The next pathogen is probably defrosting as we speak. Not from nature, but from GoF bioweapons development.

They are committed. The scale of their crimes compels them to continue, to double down again and again. Their alternative would be to swing once the sleeping masses wake to the crimes perpetrated against them.

Hence we see the FDA/CDC and Scottish health authorities explicitly state there is no possible issue with the bioweapon jabs, before they commence their 'investigations'. The limited hangout being exactly that, a pressure release valve to keep the music going as the poisoning rolls on.

We are at a dangerous point. Many are exhausted - with good reason as the buzzsaw has been brutal - and the narrative management complex is running at 100% capacity. We haven't so much as scratched the enemy infrastructure. Like the lore around SkyNet, they will take advantage of our better nature, they will exploit our humanity and our hope for better days. There are probably more psychologists and psychiatrists in the enemy orbat than in all of Alphabet/Meta/Twitter/etc. They will have plans and contingency moves mapped out.

That our PM is consorting with a known pedophile who wants to depopulate the planet is extremely concerning. I recommend all who can write to him to express our concerns.


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Damn Skippy we wont.

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Last time I looked into it, I was told, by a number of folks, that only about 20% of the folks in Australia are awake to what has been happening, I certainly hope that number is significantly larger now.

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Great work. Thanks.

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"(N.b., if someone comes at us with an injection, we will consider this an attempt on our lives and act accordingly)."

There are all sorts of barrels. A needled barrel is only but one example.

As across the ditch, by then they will have bribed and fined you, then eventually have denied you access to medical treatment, and to groceries. When there is nothing left to lose they will reap what they sowed.

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You are completely on target.

"Remember this: “NO” is a complete sentence. So is silence. You do not have to explain yourself. Set an example of peaceful non-compliance for the fearful observers."

We live our lives, ever deepening in our resolve, that 'they' are on the losing side, nature does not support tyranny; this is our planet and we are free. Simply live accordingly.

Thank you! New to your stack and glad to find it.

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We must know if Albo signed the WHO Treaty that would have been “pushed” by: First: Gates and then Second: Obama. We must prepare while we are still free to do so

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It was a very brief clip, I think it was from n a Maria Zeee ( three e’s) broadcast. Maria can be found here on zeeeemedia.com or on Telegram. She posts her Australian stuff to her home page. She has lots of information about Australian legislation having legislative changes in QLD that will affect every state along with various state legislation that essentially takes away our rights. The various government are being very devious.

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My friend you are doing some really good thinking work.

Thinking is the toughest work there is.

Well done - and keep it up.

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“I think that these true believers are in a terminal ego spiral: their identities are built on being ‘smartest person in the room’ and they cannot bear to accept the fact that they have been conned.” Spot on: the more evidence they confront, the harder they cling to their egos.

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Well said on every level.

Just had a run in this morning with the cfmeu delogate and I can tell you that there are ardent supporters still, believers of his lordships bullshit. In reality as ALL union delogates were given an exemption from the experiment he is more than like just lying through his teeth because he understands which side his bread in buttered on.

Although kept very quiet the "reasoning" if they got caught was because they had Federal right of entry and federally vaxx cannot be mandated.

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Great article! Nice work! Going to check out a lot more of your stuff… but of course it’ll take some time. So much information out there to plow through and absorb. A veritable mountain of information covering every conceivable aspect of this diabolical situation. Thank god we’ve got so much intelligence out there! Awake, aware and working on the case!

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The vaccines are not vaccines - they are what they call ‘countermeasures’ , the US DOD has used legislation that bypasses any regulatory checks such as safety, efficacy, vaccine ingredient oversight etc, this is why the shots are not stopping - they don’t need to adhere to any normal concerns.

Countermeasures are used in a bio attack and that is why they used this specific legislation, they claim covid 19 was a bio attack.

Pfizer, Moderna etc did not even make one vaccine, the DOD paid them billions to use their brand, they used over 200 smaller manufacturers to make these countermeasures ( which were already in place) and they moved around these ‘vaccines’ between manufacturers adding ingredients here there and everywhere - no one but possibly a handful of people know what’s in them.

All the trials etc were not needed under this legislation but were faked and lied about for the public.

The Government is big pharma.

Big pharma is the Government

This is why I thought it was weird the military in OZ was involved - know I now why.

They developed Covid 19 ( we may disagree on whether it exists) and then already had the countermeasure standing by - it’s a deliberate world poisoning and they have covered their arse through legislation


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