Well said and applicable all over the world. The first wave of politicians to become brave instead of cowardly, to speak the truth and take risks instead of being useful fools and pawns of evil, just might save the world, and themselves. Prospects for the rest of them look very bleak indeed.

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Ditto. New Zealand.

Time I think to also to rid oneself of the delusion of virology; a big step to freedom from fear.


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I'm happy to send this article to my politicians. However I will not be surprised when it is either ignored, or I receive some generic reply which doesn't address the issue, as I have on previous occasions.

'Dear Mr Hitler( insert appropriate name. Goebbels. Stalin....)

I am concerned that you and your government have wilfully ignored all evidence and have therefore intentionally participated in the murder of Australian citizens.

Hope we can find a solution moving forward.'

I believe that most politicians didn't receive the jab.

They are too far down the road to come clean. If they do ,it will be when they are facing their own demise, or that of a family member.

However we all have to keep speaking out. Never comply.

Thanks for your substack and your efforts, they are much appreciated.

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"My greatest fear is that the anger of the vaccine-injured will collapse the system"

Why do you fear that? From your writing I got the impression that the system hasn't treated you kindly in the last few years. Anyway, more important than the past is the future. What will happen in the future if the system stays in place? It's only a matter of time until another infectious disease shows up. Won't this system react the same way and again force an experimental vaccine on anyone?

If so, wouldn't collapse of the system be preferable?

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Apologies? From the arch criminals that committed GENOCIDE.

No apology will cure the INJURED for life. No apology will resurrect the DEAD.

Yes I do know what democide means. But to the average person that doesn't it's use just looks like a watered down version of GENOCIDE. Thanks for your post.

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Twitter seems a bit safer to anti-idiocy posts these days, you tried to increase your circulation on that?

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I have been pleading with the MFM for a year to stop butting heads with the dead. I agree that the only hope for the corrupt is it come clean, but I ask myself ' would I ?'.

Also, don't forget that the jabbed are now showing signs of dementia ( the poisons attack the myelin sheath)


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Cheers, good content and analysis (you and dystopian)

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Most people are just too plain stupid, that’s the problem.

This is a leisurely walk in the park for them. They’re making ground on us each and every single day!

It’s just a simple matter of time ‘til they’ve got us EXACTLY where they want us! Even then, the slow moving—slow thinking masses won’t have a single solitary clue they’ve been had like fools!

For f*ck sake! The bulk of them can’t even see what’s happening right there in front of their faces!

You just know we’re in trouble when an MP gets up in parliament and speaks about all this and everyone in the house gathers their papers, gets up and walks out—leaving him there alone with the speaker.

It’s CLOWN WORLD I tell ya! 🤡

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I'd love to know, who is Nancy of Melbourne who got the freedom of information request for document 2389? Because wow.

Senator Rennick on What the Australian Government Knew, January 2021

Dr. John Campbell, March 24, 2023





DR. JOHN CAMPBELL: How come this report is in the public domain, first of all, Senator?

SENATOR GERARD RENNICK: Well that's thanks to the work of a lady in Melbourne actually, who put in a Freedom of Information request, and clearly must have known what she was talking about, that actually asked for the actual nonclinical evaluation report. And so it was finally released after months of hassling, you know, and they wanted to charge thousands originally to get this data released, and this particular lady was like a bulldog and just fought the TGA [Therapeutic Goods Administration] to get the data released. So it was finally released, the first draft on the 15th of July 2021, with a number of other documents, and it's known as the 2389 series. And if you get on the, yeah, Google TGI FOI log,* you will see it if you scroll back down to the 15th of July. And this particular document we're looking at today is 2389-6.


DR. JOHN CAMPBELL: And and we will put a link you can download this full document. It runs to 58 Pages.*

*[https://www.tga.gov.au/sites/default/files/foi-2389-06.pdf ]

SENATOR GERARD RENNICK: Yeah. And there is a bit of an addendment so that, is that the lady who initially lodged the FOI [Freedom of Information request], there's a large part of that document was initially redacted, and she kept fighting them, and she's finally got more of it unredacted in December 2022, 18 months later. And there's some very interesting data in there that was actually redacted the first time, which I think was negligent of the TGA not to actually release so that people could make a fully informed choice as to what they were taking.


DR. JOHN CAMPBELL: So I think it's clear to emphasize that the Therapeutics Goods Administration in Australia had all this information prior to authorizing the vaccines. The covid vaccines. This was known about. Now the first point, you've made raised quite a few points. Shall we, can we can we go through these?


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